Natural Diamonds


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Natural Diamonds

Rarity and Value of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are notably rare and finite. The Natural Diamond Council underscores that diamonds are increasingly scarce because no new significant deposits have been discovered in about three decades. The total amount of natural diamonds of 1 carat and larger recovered in a year would only fill one exercise ball.

The value of these precious gems primarily stems from their scarcity, as well as their historic status as billion-year-old jewels. Over the last 35 years, natural diamonds have shown an approximate average price appreciation of about 3% every year. Unlike a manufactured product, the limited supply of natural diamonds inherently boosts their value. The rarity factor makes a natural diamond hold its value better than a lab-grown diamond, as the basic laws of supply and demand apply. Therefore, natural diamonds are often seen as an investment and passed down as an heirloom, retaining their inherent value over time.

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